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The Best Hike for Views of the Hollywood Sign

For most tourists visiting LA for the first time, getting that perfect view and photo of the Hollywood Sign is at the top of the list. After doing a bit of research, my cousin and I found the perfect trail which not only gives the best up close views of the front of the sign, but also the rare back view and 360 degree views of LA . The best part, the hike isn’t insanely long or difficult, but you’ll definitely feel like you’ve had a great workout after. In total, it’s about 5 miles roundtrip.

Here is the step by step guide to hiking for the best views of the Hollywood Sign.

Side Note: Do not use Google Maps to find the Hollywood sign. It will take you to Griffith Park which is nowhere near! This is most likely due to local residents complaining of tourists in and around the neighbourhood where the best hikes begin. Don’t let this deter you. The hiking trails are always open to the public, sunrise to sunset, and walking through the neighbourhood is completely legal.

Step 1:

Drive to Lake Hollywood Park and park on Canyon Lake Drive. The parking here is free and legal.

Step 2: 

You have to walk through the Lake Hollywood Park neighbourhood to get to the start of the public hiking trails. Don’t try driving through as the parking is restricted to residents only and the roads are narrow and winding. The walking directions are as follow:

  1. X marks the parking spot – the start of the hike
  2. Walk north on Mullholland Hwy
  3. Turn right onto Durand Drive
  4. Turn left onto Heather Drive
  5. Turn left onto Ledgewood Drive
  6. Turn right onto Rockcliff Drive
  7. Turn left onto Deronda Drive

Step 3:

At the end of Deronda Drive, you’ll come to an official looking white gate. Simply walk through the teal door to the right and you’ve made it to the bottom of the public hiking trail. This is where you’ll get the best view of the front of the Hollywood Sign (as seen in my photo at the top of this post).

Step 4:

You’ll probably be tired at this point, but trust me, hiking to the back of the sign and the very top of the hill is 100% WORTH IT. Simply follow the paved road all the way to the top. Here you’ll find the viewpoint just behind the sign. It’s about 1.5 miles up and takes about 30 min. You’ll get amazing views like this.



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