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The Best Food in Canggu Bali

You’ve probably seen those Instagram posts from Bali featuring colourful smoothie bowls, fresh plates of seafood, or mouth watering tacos. Where are people finding these amazing treats? The answer, Canggu. In my opinion, Canggu is the place to go for some of the best food in Bali and while writing my Bali Travel Guide, I quickly realised I’d need to give Canggu it’s own post to showcase this. Even the pickiest of eaters can find something in the area. Mexican, Italian, Seafood, Indonesian, you name it, Canggu will most likely have it. The list below includes my favourite restaurants in Canggu and to be honest, I didn’t even get to half the places in the area so you can imagine how many more you’ll find on your own!

Poke Poke

The name says it all. Specialising in fresh and delicious poke bowls, choose from one of their own creations or build your own bowl. A small bowl will cost you 65k  while a large is 90k. The photo below is a small bowl and it filled me up even without rice.

Shady Shack

An accurate description from their website which I couldn’t have written better myself, “A breezy, vegetarian health food cafe overlooking the rice fields of Canggu Bali”. I’m not even a vegetarian and I would gladly eat brunch here everyday.

Deus Ex Machine

Not only is this place an amazing custom bike and surf shop, they also run a great cafe on the side. I say on the side, but it’s one of the top spots to grab food in Canggu. They basically do a little bit of everything but my favourite thing about this place is Taco and Tattuesday. The name is pretty self explanatory, a tattoo artist comes in from 6pm every Tuesday and along with your purchase of tacos, you can sign up to the list for a free tattoo. Space and time is limited though, so make sure you get there early if you really want the tattoo. I’ve also been told the artist is top class.

canggu bali

Moana Fish Eatery

A seafood restaurant with Polynesian flavour. Some of the freshest and most delicious tuna sashimi I’ve ever had in my life (pictured below).

moana fish eatery bali

Cafe Vida

This is a really great place for brunch in Canggu. They have an extensive organic menu and their own roast of coffee. The atmosphere is relaxing and peaceful and they have plenty of space.

cafe vida bali

Betelnut Cafe

This is another place that does a little bit of everything. Tacos, coconuts, salad, wraps, etc. I had the fish tacos while my friend had one of their salads and they were both delicious!

betelnut cafe bali

Outdoor Food Market 

So I’m not sure this place has a name or is that well known yet, but that’s part of the appeal. It’s an outdoor food market with a number of vendors who operate out of a food truck or stand every night. You can find super cheap and delicious Indonesian street food, pizza, burgers, crepes, basically everything. There’s also a bar selling beer and cocktails. You buy your food at the stall and then enjoy in the outdoor seating space. To get there, go across the shortcut (heading away from Pretty Poison), turn right, and in about 200 meters, you’ll see it on your left.

outdoor food market canggu bali

Bro Resto

This French and Chinese fusion restaurant was the creation of two surfer friends. Think dumplings but with raclette cheese and bacon. Yeah it’s amazing. Pictured below are the fried chicken bao buns I had last time I visited. They were absolutely delicious and one portion filled me up!

bro resto canggu bali

Hungry Bird Cafe

This is hands down my favourite cafe in Canggu. It’s so so so cheap and the food is amazing. I got all of the food in the first picture for approx. £3. If you like good coffee, you will love this place.

hungry bird cafe eggs coffee


hungry bird cafe bali


The best Mexican food I had in Bali. The drinks here are quite expensive but the food is reasonable. I was too busy chowing down on my food to take a picture but I found this one from the Bali Bible.

canggu food

My Warung

MyWarung has 4 locations and I would recommend either but I’ve featured the Canggu branch as this is where I had their steak special and it was incredible and also affordable. You get all of this food for only 150k!! Each branch has it’s own highlight including brunch, steak, drinks, and coffee. You can’t go wrong at either. You can read my comprehensive review of the MyWarung brand here.

mywarung canggu bali steak

La Brisa

Great beach bar that’s buzzing every day of the week. Food and drink are delicious and I don’t think I’ve seen a more Instagramable beach club in my life. Nice place to catch the sunset as well.

la brisa bali

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