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Amalfi Coast Travel Guide


amalfi coast travel guide

The Amalfi Coast is a stunning little village on the southwest coast of Italy about 90km from the port of Salerno. To get there you’ll have to make your way through narrow, cliff-side, winding roads but it’s well worth the trek. It’s known for it’s breathtaking scenery, picturesque beaches, and amazing Mediterranean climate. Amalfi is also famous for their production of lemons, with groves scattered all around the landscape.

Best Time to Visit

As it’s a Mediterranean climate, the town experiences hot summers and mild winters. The average  temperature in the summer months (June to September) is approximately 28C (82F) and in the winter (December to March) approximately 12C (53F).

Getting There and Getting Around

There are a few different options for making your way to Amalfi. Firstly, you can fly into Rome and get the train to either Naples or Salerno (Salerno is closest to Amalfi). Your other option is to fly into Naples.

From Salerno

You have 3 options, ferry, bus, or private transfer. I would personally recommend the ferry as it’s cheapest and fastest and the car ride gave me motion sickness, but if you get sea sick then take the land route.

Ferry: Costs €14 online and €8 in person. Takes 30 min. Click here for schedule and purchase of tickets.

Bus: Costs €2.50 in person. Takes 2 hours. Click here for schedule.

Private Transfer: Cost €90 – 3 person car, €110 – 8 person car. Takes 1.5 to 2 hours.

From Naples

The best way to get to Amalfi from Naples is by private transfer as there are no direct ferries. I’m getting confused even trying to find you the best link and prices for ferries so I’ll just leave you with the private transfer information.

Cost €110 – 3 person car, €160 – 6 person car, €200 – 8 person car. Takes 1.5-2 hours.

Once you’ve finally arrived, the most common ways of getting around are either walking or taking the local bus service. You can also arrange a private driver.

What to Do

Swim at one of the local Beaches

Just in front of Amalfi is a small rock beach where you can take a dip. A bit further down is a town called Positano that has two great beaches called called Spiaggia del Fornillo and Spiaggia Grande. You can get to Positano by bus, ferry, or private transfer.

amalfi coast beach

Rent a boat

This is hands down my number one recommendation for what to do in Amalfi. The Bride and Groom of the wedding I went to were awesome enough to arrange this for the guests so I’m not 100% sure on pricing or companies to go with, but you can do a quick google search or speak to a local tour company to get some options. We sailed up and down the coast and anchored in a few locations to go for a swim and also stopped at a cliff side restaurant which is only accessible by boat.

amalfi coast boat

amalfi coast boat rental


This place was made to be explored by foot (and boat but we’ll get to that soon). There are plenty of walking trails connecting the neighboring towns and are quite beautiful to explore. I didn’t have enough time between wedding festivities to do this, but some friends did and thoroughly enjoyed it. Best part, it’s free!

Trail Recommendations:

Easy: Amalfi to Atrani by the stairs

Medium: Amalfi to Pontone and the Ferriere Valley or Atrani-Amalfi to Ravello

Hard: “Walk Of The Gods” from Agerola to Praiano-Positano

Explore the nearby towns

As mentioned in the beach section, Positano is a quick bus or ferry ride away. You can also take a day trip to Pompeii, Capri, or Rovello, again getting there by bus, ferry, or private transfer.


You will never struggle to find shopping in Amalfi. The top things people are looking to buy are hand painted ceramics, limoncello, and jewelry.

Where to Eat/Drink

Ristorante Marina Grande

This place is an absolute steal for amazing Michelin star food right on the beach. You won’t pay anymore than the surrounding restaurants, but you will get 100% better quality food and service. The staff here are incredible and the food speaks for itself. It’s fresh, tasty, and affordable. We came here after a swim for a late lunch.

ristorante marina grande scallops

ristorante marina grande seafood pasta

Da Maria or Pizzeria Donna Stella

Both options will leave you in heavenly pizza food coma. Classic thin Italian style pizzas. Donna Stella has al fresco dining while Da Maria is all indoor.

donna stella pizza

Street Food

If you want a quick bite to break up sight-seeing and shopping, then you have to stop off and get a fried seafood cone. They run about €10 and include squid, prawn, and anchovies. You can also get some homemade crisps on the side.

fried seafood cone amalfi

Masaniello Art Cafe

Amalfi isn’t really known for its nightlife, but this was a bar we went to a couple of times while staying here. They play decent music and have a little dance floor.

Where to Stay

I’m of two minds about the advice to give here as I had a pretty bad experience, however, I don’t think it’s the norm. I stayed in an AirBnb and unfortunately had a really bad case of bed bugs. Most of the furniture in the houses is going to be made of wood, so if they’re unlucky enough to get one bed bug, it will quickly turn into an infestation like mine was. That experience aside, I would recommend AirBnb or a hotel/B&B. If you want to save money then definitely go with AirBnb as it’s going to be cheaper and you can get some amazing places.

Here are a few hotel recommendations (these were also recommended by my friend’s wedding planner)

I would have stayed here if I wasn’t staying in an AirBnb. It’s a boutique B&B with a balcony overlooking the sea. They offer a light breakfast included in the price of your room. In the high season, the rate is approximately €150/night for a room with a city view or €160/night for a sea view.
residenza pansa balcony

Hotel L’Antico Convitto

This is one of the more affordable hotels in Amalfi.  It’s located just a few short steps away from the Cathedral and Piazza Duomo and it also has a wonderful rooftop terrace with views of the square and the sea. In the high season, this will cost you approx. €170/night.

Hotel Santa Caterina

If you want to feel like a movie star for your visit, then I would recommend this place. It’s easily the best hotel in Amalfi but it’s going to cost you. The most basic room with a side sea view costs €360/night in the low season and €970/night in the peak. If you have the cash though, it’s absolutely worth it. This is where my friends had their wedding and it was breathtaking. One thing to note though, it’s not located right in town but rather overlooking Amalfi and is a short walk or bus ride away. I’m sure for the price you’re paying that a quick and regular shuttle service of some sort is provided.

hotel pool santa caterina

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